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Why - How this blog makes a difference

Welcome to our new Twins for Change blog on New Working, New Learning and New Living.

Why are we starting this blog? Humanity is facing enormous challenges. Now more than ever we need people who leverage their full potential through more self-responsibility, purpose orientation, creative freedom and continuous learning. With this regular blog, we want to inspire every one of you to participate in creating this new world of working, learning and living. Because we need every single one of you. Because we believe that everyone can make a difference. And because we believe that together we can make a real change!

What are we writing about? We will help you understand and gain the key skills needed for shaping the future. By introducing you to those skills. And by giving concrete inspirations and short exercises on how you can train them.

Who are we? We are Anne & Wilma, twins in real life. A (new) working mom and a digital nomad combined in a joined quest to contribute to the world of working, learning and living with our brand Twins for Change. Read more on us and our background on our website.

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