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Tip 15: Focus on the skills of the future

'We need leaders who are emotionally intelligent, and able to model and champion cooperative working. They’ll coach, rather than command; they’ll be driven by empathy, not ego. The digital revolution needs a different, more human kind of leadership.' K. Schwab

Not only people in leadership roles will need to undertake a radical change redefining who we are as humans and how we define our 'USP'. The best bet for everyone will be to develop inherent human competencies as long as AI is not able to replace human cognitive functions and emotional/social interactions. 

But which skills will be needed most? Gallup says: Building relationships, developing people, leading change, inspiring others, thinking critically, communicating clearly and creating accountability.

How well are you equipped with the skills of the future?

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Wayne S
Wayne S
Sep 24, 2022

Thhanks for sharing

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