Nora Schoental

Vice President Global Talent

It is rare that you will meet someone as passionate as Wilma when it comes to the topic of learning in a digital world. I had the pleasure of working with her from Corporate in her role as digital learning responsible in Henkel’s largest business unit. Wilma has strong expertise and tremendous knowledge in her field and has a keen focus on driving digital transformation in a creative, fun and effective way. She is a great partner and will be an asset for everyone trying to move the needle in transforming learning in their organization


Jessica Thiel

Chief Human Resources Officer

It was a great pleasure to work with Wilma for several years. She has excellent expertise in learning and talent. Her many years of strategic and operational HR experience combined with her high personal commitment makes her a very appreciated colleague in the team. Wilma is characterized by her desire for operational excellence. That makes the difference in the end!


Iva Radenovic

Digital Learning Expert

I have collaborated with Wilma for over two years on several projects in digital learning and corporate change management initiatives at Henkel. Wilma has excellent knowledge and skills in learning management and talent development. Her honest and true dedication to her profession has brought her to constantly upgrade her knowledge and expand her expertise beyond traditional corporate learning methods. Wilma is today a skilled professional in digital learning, always up to date with latest trends and technologies and an expert in blended learning. Her collaborative attitude and excellent communication skills supported me and the team to successfully deliver projects in the most demanding dynamic environments. Wilma is a reliable colleague, well organized, respectful, a real team player and with remarkable perspective and judgment. She has always been recognized as the key person in the organization and is frequently approached by colleagues seeking her advice and support.