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Tip 99: Be patient

'Have patience with all things, But, first of all with yourself.' Saint Francis de Sales

Learning a new skill or changing your habits is a long journey. It won't happen overnight. In a lot of my previous learning inspirations I'm giving you tipps on how to keep moving in your learning process, how to keep up your motivation and how to never give up.

Apart from all these great tools like establishing peer learning groups, using the power of starting small, and creating your own performance support, the most important factor is your mindset: You have to learn to enjoy the path and, last but not least, to be patient!

How can you develop patience? There is only one way: Try to focus on the Now - the current moment. Do not try to think too much ahead. Do not try to advance faster than what is currently possible for you. Just focus on your learning right now. And enjoy.

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