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Tip 98: Make minimal changes with maximum outcome

'Each day is an opportunity to craft your best life. Each day brings a chance to choose your greatness' Robin Sharma

Last Saturday was a rainy day. Instead of falling into a bad mood because I couldn't follow my original plan of going for a long bike ride, I did one of the things that I love most in the world: Going to a bookshop, taking a couple of inspiring books and sifting through them while drinking a hot coup of cappuccino.

One of the books which caught my attention this time was 'The 1% method' by James Clear. It talks about how to create lasting habits which is also one of my main areas of interest. Although I have written about this several times, I think that the book summarizes pretty well the different factors that play into creating a habit.

Here it is: To establish a lasting habit, it needs to be …

  • obvious: Become aware of your current habits and then tie an old habit to a new one (every time after I brush my teeth, I do 10 sit-ups)

  • attractive: Combine something that needs to be done with something you want to do (e.g., going jogging in the park because you love to get fresh air and being in the nature in the morning)

  • simple: Start with only 2 minutes, building up slowly and prepare your environment so that you can easily start without even thinking about what you need (e.g., putting your sports cloths out on the chair in front of your bed in the evening)

  • fulfilling: Give yourself a treat every time you have executed the habit and track the times that you are doing it.

So which habit would you like to create and what can you do starting tomorrow to make it happen?

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