Tip 98: Make minimal changes with maximum outcome

'Each day is an opportunity to craft your best life. Each day brings a chance to choose your greatness' Robin Sharma

Last Saturday was a rainy day. Instead of falling into a bad mood because I couldn't follow my original plan of going for a long bike ride, I did one of the things that I love most in the world: Going to a bookshop, taking a couple of inspiring books and sifting through them while drinking a hot coup of cappuccino.

One of the books which caught my attention this time was 'The 1% method' by James Clear. It talks about how to create lasting habits which is also one of my main areas of interest. Although I have written about this several times, I think that the book summarizes pretty well the different factors that play into creating a habit.

Here it is: To establish a lasting habit, it needs to be …

  • obvious: Become aware of your current habits and then tie an old habit to a new one (every time after I brush my teeth, I do 10 sit-ups)