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Tip 95: Create your own mind maps

'The bottom line is that everyone thinks differently.' Rihanna

We are all individuals with our own stories and experiences resulting in different and diverse ways of thinking and learning. That is why it is so difficult for a trainer to structure a training or eLearning in a way which fits to every learner's needs.

As a learner you might not always be able to control the way how content is being taught to you. What is under your control, though, is the way how you process this information. One very easy and effective way is to create your own mind map during or after the training.

How does that work?

  1. Open a PPT document or a mind mapping tool like Mindmeister.

  2. Write the training topic into the middle. Phrase it as a sentence e.g. 'How can I manage projects professionally?'

  3. Note down the main training content which was taught during the training into the bubbles around the key questions. Make sure to phrase them in a way that is fitting to your daily challenges, e.g. 'How can I avoid that my projects are always 20% over budget?'

  4. Then use the bubbles around these questions to write down the concrete tips & tricks that were given to you during the training. If you want, you can also insert links to additional resources that were given to you, e.g., checklists etc. that you have stored in a folder of your drive.

Have you recently attended a training? If yes, use the mind map idea now to tailor the content to your own challenges!

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