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Tip 94: Immerse yourself in virtual realities

Since its development in the 80s by the gaming industry, for many years virtual reality technology has not yet been able to fully take of. Slow performing computers, expensive & heavy headsets as well as unavailable standard learning software has let many people in the learning sector to believe that it's rather a hype than a trend. Only high-risk environments like fire departments and medical facilities were willing to spend much money and time into VR.

I think, though, that VR ist ready for the mass learning market. Laptops are more performing than ever, graphic cards are very powerful and VR headset are down to less than 200 Euros. Also, more and more providers develop either standard learning content or platforms which allow learning specialists to set up VR experiences in no time at low cost.

Many schools in forward looking countries (unfortunately not so much in Germany) are equiping their pupils with VR glasses so that they can visit old temples during history class without even leaving their classroom.

Technologies like VR will also alter the way how adults learn. The earlier you get familiar with the potential, the better. If you have any chance to get a hold of VR glasses (e.g. Oculus Go or even better Oculus Quest), take 30 minutes to check it out because there is one important aspect of VR: You can only understand it's full potential if you try it out yourself!

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