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Tip 93: Benefit from wise crowds

'Every journey has a secret destination of which the traveler is not aware.' Martin Buber

'Wise crowds' is a method within Liberating Structures, an assortment of 33 micro methods to foster collaboration and creativity in groups.

You can use the method to tap into the collective intelligence and find new, creative solutions to any development challenge you might have.

How does it work?

  1. Form a group of 4-5 people

  2. Decide on the challenge you would like the group to work on. Your role is called the 'client' whereas the rest of the group are the 'consultants'.

  3. Describe your challenge to the others - 2 min

  4. Let the others ask clarifying questions - 3 min

  5. Turn your back to the others

  6. Listen deeply to the consultants while they discuss your challenge and give advice - 8 min

  7. Provide feedback on the ideas and solutions of the clients - 2 min

What is a challenge which you cannot solve on your own or where you would like advice from others?

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