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Tip 92: Learn multisensorial

Once upon a time when I learned new languages at school, I often struggled with remembering new vocabulary. Putting the words into context already helped but learning the words one by one, which was often required, was pretty hard.

Had I known back then that there is a very easy and efficient memory technique, I would have saved a lot of time and effort: You simply must activate multiple senses while learning. Especially movements like gestures are very helpful in shifting new things into mid- or long-term memory.

How does it work? When learning a new word, e.g., 'banana', speak the word out loud and make a movement with your hand which you associate with the word 'banana'. Ideally you also think about the taste of a banana on your tongue while writing the word on a piece of paper.

Where can you use this method next time to support your memory?

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