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Tip 90: Learn just-in-time and just enough

The world of learning is changing rapidly. The availability of technology as well as the current situation have given live online trainings and other digital learning methods a big push.

While the technology of learning has changed, unfortunately the didactics of training have often not: Instead of spending 2 days in a physical classroom, you are now asked to sit 2 days in front of a computer. This leads to many learners getting frustrated and craving to go back to the good old classroom trainings.

I challenge you not to! Sitting in a 2-day training is in most cases a complete waste of time. It is only effective if you make a clear plan how to repeat the content on a regular basis and how to transfer what you have learned into real life. It also requires a lot of intrinsic motivation.

Now is the time to change your habits to make your learning more impactful: How can you create your own learning ecosystem? Which platforms and sources are best to consume the content that you need? How can you make sure to learn just in time and just enough?

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