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Tip 89: Become involved

Everyone of us has already attended hundreds of traditional conferences which offer predefined sessions with inspirational speakers. You can mostly sit back and relax, unless you want to ask a smart question or get involved in a group discussion.

Another very different and more active form of a conference is a barcamp. The organizers simply set the timing, location, and overall topic. Participants sign in based on their general interest in the topic. It is them who are shaping the agenda by making suggestions for specific session titles. The person who suggested the session also decides on the mode - ranging from a teach back style or input session to a moderated group discussion - and who takes the lead during the session. Furthermore, Corona has shown that barcamps can very easily also be run virtually.

The advantage of participating in a barcamp compared to a traditional conference is that you can make the content relevant and interesting to you, to create very deep connections via co-creation with other like-minded people and to find solutions to your specific challenges in a very short time.

One of my favorite barcamps is the CLC barcamp run by the CLC community. Have you ever attended a barcamp and if not, which one could you join before the summer break?

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