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Tip 88: Take one step back

' Sometimes you have to take one step back to be able to take two steps forward.' Paul Mc Mullen

I call this the 'dilemma of not seeing the wood for the trees': You are so busy learning and growing that you don't realize not being on the right track anymore or missing out on some other great opportunities.

The social acceptance of (or even addiction to) being busy and running instead of walking fosters a culture which stays on the surface of its true potential. A hyper-connected world asks for more holistic approaches. Also, multidimensional opportunities open up completely new ways of learning and growing.

This year has pushed me (and many others) to take a step back and look at all doors that are possibly open to me. It has immensely shifted my way of thinking and living, temporarily creating a chaos with pieces swirling around. It has pushed me to understand what 'being in the moment' really means. I can already feel the dust settling and a new reality emerging.

Do you need a crisis to do this? I don't think so. Zoom out and look at yourself from a vantage point. Are you still on track? What might you be missing out based on your dreams and your values? What does the world need right now and how can you contribute?

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