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Tip 84: Write your story

'Your story is your lense. Change your story, change the world.' Mary Alice Arthur

In her excellent new book on storytelling, Alive 365, Mary Alice Arthur explains that the stories we tell ourselves become our memories. This is even a fact proofen by neuroscience.

Now that is interesting! This means that it is fully your choice which life you want to remember and therefore which life you will have lived.

This brought me to a new thought: What if you wrote down your own 'ideal development' story? A story based on your dreams and not restrictions. What if in hindsight, everything that you wanted to be came true? Wouldn't that also have an impact of how you approach the future? Wouldn't that boost your self-confidence beyond limits?

Let's see this as an experiment. Take out your pen and start writing your hero's story of success. Read it every evening before going to bed. Then see what happens.


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