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Tip 83: Think potential

'Be happy about any weakness you might have as it is the strength of somebody else.'

Human beings are deficit oriented. They needed to be in order to win the fight for survival.

In our modern world, though, deficit orientation is mostly not appropriate anymore. When things are changing really fast, the only way to keep up the speed is to focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses.

The old way of developing people was (and still is):

  1. Which necessary competencies are part of my job description?

  2. Which competency gaps compared to that can I identify?

  3. How can I develop and eradicate these deficits?

The new logic follows these steps:

  1. What are my strongest competencies and where does my highest potential lie?

  2. What are the biggest challenges that my team and my company are facing?

  3. How can I leverage and develop my strengths in the best way to find new solutions to solve my company's challenges?

Can you see the difference? The old logic will produce old results because it is looking backward whereas with the new logic you will come up with new solutions based on your potential ahead.

Where are your biggest strengths and how can you use them to face current and future challenges?


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