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Tip 80: Follow the flow

I recently did a podcast interview with the inspiring Jane Hart. Apart from talking about Modern Workplace Learning, we were also discussing how learning changes depending on your level of expertise.

As a beginner, you are really motivated to learn as much as you can. You engage in formal learning like participating in intensive online and offline courses, learning from mentors who are experienced in the topic and learning with peers who are interested in developing the same capabilities as you do, e.g. in mastermind groups. You take the first steps to apply what you have learned.

As you continue throughout your learning journey, your learning style changes. Your focus is on applying what you have learned, you reflect on your experience and you learn from your own mistakes. You start enriching the field of knowledge with your own insights.

Once you have gained a high level of confidence, you don't need formal courses at all anymore. Your learning becomes more implicit. You follow the thought leaders in the area of interest, and you are reading inspirational sources. Ideally, you start teaching back what you have learned to others. Teaching back again enriches your own learning because it opens new perspectives by seeing through the eyes of your learners.

Look at your current skill levels. Where are you at? What is the most appropriate strategy right now? Don't get stuck in thinking that you have not learned enough yet. As soon as you have learned the basics, start applying and teaching back to other people.


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