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Tip 77: Find your tribe

'If you don't kick things around with people, you are out of it. Nobody, I always say, can be anybody without somebody being around.' John P. Wheeler

One important aspect of creating a nourishing environment for you to thrive is to find your tribe. In his great book 'The element' Sir Ken Robison explains that a person's tribe consists of two elements: The field of interest which triggers your passion and other like-minded people which are engaged in this field as much as you are.

Spending time with people who love what you love gives you a sense of belonging and it boosts your motivation even if things get rough. Together in a group, you can achieve much more than if you were on your own, especially if the members are diverse, all equally committed and ready to make joined mistakes and learn from them.

So, if you have identified the domain that you truly love, go and find your tribe. Here are some ideas how to do that:

  1. Join a local meet-up

  2. Browse your social media channels for interesting groups

  3. Initiate a master mind group on your topic in your personal network

  4. Post a search for like-minded people on your companies' social channel

  5. Organize an online conference on your topic and invite new speakers

Now, it's up to you: What is your biggest field of interest, have you already found your tribe and if not, what are you going to do to find it?


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