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Tip 74: Cherish your self care in virtual learning

When learning and working in the virtual space, you'll need to pay more attention to self care. Firstly, because sitting in front of the computer the whole day can be quite tiring. Secondly because (especially when sitting at home) there might be no one to tell you when it's enough.

Here are some insights into what I do when learning something new:

  • I use the Pomodoro technique to help myself concentrate. This helps me to learn more in less time. (also see learning tipp no. 56)

  • I like taking hand-written notes while learning and I paste the picture of the notes into OneNote afterwards. Hand-written notes are scientifically proven to be more effective for learning (also see learning tip no. 71).

  • Every 20 minutes, I take a break of 20 seconds and look at least 20 meters into the distance. This is a good way to relax my eyes.

  • I switch of my self-view in online trainings whenever possible (there is an option in Zoom to do so) to avoid feeling like looking into a mirror all the time and to focus less on my own mimics. In this way, I can more authentic with my expression and be also more focussed on the other people.

  • I started to block a regular slot (my 'creative Friday morning') in my calendar which enables me to learn in a relaxed way, far away from any pressures to get other things done.

  • I don't check my emails whilst learning to avoid getting distracted (NEVER EVER check your emails while learning. It will not only distract you for a moment. Even if you get back to learning after a short while, your brain will need a lot of time to get back into the learning topic. This kind of multitasking is not only inefficient, but it will also kill your joy for learning (also see learning tip 55).

  • I feed myself well (also see learning tip no. 51) and I try to go out for a walk or for a run 15-30 min. once a day.

  • I love learning in a nice atmosphere, especially not at my desk but sitting in a nice cafe or in my favourite armchair or even in my hammock (also see learning tip no. 47). This helps to attach positive emotions to your learning ritual which enhances your learning outcome.

What will you try to take better care of yourself and your energy? Do you have more tips that you want to share with me and the others?

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