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Tip 72: Follow your nature

Do you know this? There are times when it is effortless for you to perform certain tasks. During other times, you need almost double the time and everything seems to be so hard. This is due to your individual biorhythm. As British scientists have found out, your potential performance can vary up to 25 % throughout the day.

Most people perform best in the early morning hours around 10am and in the late hours of the afternoon between 4 and 6pm. While the morning hours are best for high concentration tasks, the afternoon hours are best to engage in physical activity.

What does this mean for your learning? Reserve time in the early morning hours to learn things that are more complicated and which need a lot of your attention. Make sure to take breaks during your low times. You can also use them for easy learning like reading an article or doing some research in the next learning resources.

The first step to learning in balance with your biorhythm is finding out when exactly your peak performance times occur. I recommend you write a 30-day diary and to note down when you feel at best and when you have your lows. After that, you can start restructuring your activities in a more effective way.

When are your peak performance hours and how can you integrate your learning during these times?

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