Tip 71: Take handwritten notes

'The pen is mightier than the keyboard.' Pam Mueller & Dan Oppenheimer

Do you remember the 'good old times' when there was no alternative to taking notes in a nice booklet during a training or conference? In times of digitalization, more and more people feel pressured to move towards digital tools like OneNote or Evernote. The clear advantage is at hand: It is easier to modify the notes afterwards and also to cluster them in folders and to find them through full-text search.

But: In past years, scientists (like Pam Mueller and Daniel Oppenheimer from Princeton (2014)) have shown that taking handwritten notes is better for learning than taking notes on a digital device. While there was no difference when it comes to memorization of facts, though, the learners with the handwritten notes achieved a better understanding of the learned topic. The reason for this was mainly