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Tip 70: Use the magic of music

'Music is the strongest form of magic.' Marilyn Manson

It is scientifically proven that music can have a positive effect on your learning. You can either use music while learning and during learning breaks.

While learning you should choose pieces which help you to concentrate better. This means that they should...

  • have a rather steady rhythm and noise level

  • have a similarly slow rhythm than your heart

  • not be too emotional in the positive or in the negative sense

  • include nature or relaxing sounds as well as classical pieces

  • not be disrupted by advertisement

During learning breaks, your music can help you to motivate yourself for the next learning session. It can therefore include songs which bring back nice memories or which remind you of people you love.

In the end, the fact whether music enhances learning is very personal. You have to try for yourself. If you find out that you can't learn while listening to music, you can still use the songs in your playlist to concentrate while working or to motivate yourself for dull tasks. Music can really do magic!

Now, get going and put together your playlists for concentration and motivation. What works for you?

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