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Tip 69: Prepare your own performance support

'Learning is nothing without a focus on performance.'

I have always been a learning junkie. I never skipped an opportunity to take part in a training or to take an online course. After having spent years and years of consuming content and just enjoying the mere act of being trained, I suddenly realized how much more I could have benefitted from all this. I realized that my most valuable currency in life is my lifetime. And I decided that I wanted to make the most out of it.

It will come as no surprise to you that the most important thing in really making the most out of your learning time is putting more focus on changing and enhancing your post-learning performance.

How do you do that in the easiest way possible? While learning something new, keep your 'moments that matter' in mind (also see Tip 42: 'Find your moments that matter') and select the most important ones for which you write your own performance support material. Performance support are means which help you apply what you have learned during day-to-day life. Unfortunately, very few trainings include such material, so why don't you just create some yourself? It can be as easy as a checklist with the very concrete steps to follow in a specific moment that matters (e.g. the steps for successful negotiations) or also a little reminder on a post-it note that you stick on your laptop where you cannot oversee it (e.g. a post-it with the word BREATH written on it if you have attended a training on how to stay healthy and in the now).

Be creative and start today! Is there something that you have recently learned? If yes, what are the moments in which you can apply it (the moments that matter) and how can you support these moments?

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