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Tip 66: Find out about your transfer strength

This learning tip is inspired by the research of Prof. Dr. Axel Koch, a true expert in the topic of learning transfer, and an inspiring conversation we had last week.

According to Axel making transfer happen is dependent on two factors: 1. The level of your own transfer strength which defines the likelihood of transferring what you have learned into your daily life and 2. The support you are getting during the transfer phase from your environment like superiors, colleagues etc.

Your own transfer strength is made of four parts:

1. Openness for the learning topic

2. Taking responsibility for successful learning

3. Managing setbacks when transfer fails in daily life

4. Positive self-talk when difficulties occur

Now, it's up to you: Ask yourself how strong you are with regards to these factors and what you can do to actively manage these areas e.g. proactively choosing topics which are of high interest to you, making a detailed transfer plan in the end of a training including little baby steps you can take, planning strategies for dealing with setbacks upfront etc. You can also find more info on the German website

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