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Tip 62: Build a routine and you won't need discipline

One of my habits is to do sports in the morning. This is simply the best way for me to start the day. Was it always like that? No way! I started small by creating a habit (see Learning Tipp No.1) and practicing just a few minutes every day.

So, what do I mean by saying 'Build a routine and you won't need discipline'? Well, it is very easy: If you have established a certain routine for doing certain things, you don't need discipline anymore. It's going to cost you more energy NOT to do it than doing it.

Here are some secret hints on how you get into the routine mode:

  1. Try not to give you brain time to think whether you should or shouldn't do it. If the thought of doing sports comes into your head, decide IMMEDIATELY to do it and start putting on your sports clothes. Without giving it any further thought.

  2. Repeat it as often as you can. The best would be every day, even if only for 5 minutes.

  3. Get somebody to join you in your efforts and motivate each other for keeping up.

  4. Give yourself a little treat every time you do it, especially in the beginning.

Which routines have you already built in your life and what is your personal strategy to transfer this to other aspects of your life?

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