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Tip 59: Start with a genius question

'The best scientists don't give the best answers, they ask the best questions.' Dr. Henning Beck

That's an interesting quote by Henning Beck across which I stumbled while listening to an episode about new learning in one of my favourite podcast shows 'Arbeitsphilosophen' (for those German speakers who are interested, the episode is called ' Das neue Lernen heißt verstehen').

As Henning says, there are millions of people in the world who have excellent answers and solutions. The thing, though, is that true genius comes from asking genius questions.

Transferring this concept to the area of learning opens up a completely new way of approaching your own development. Think about it: What if you started with a really good question instead of just booking the next online course which covers a topic of interest? Starting with a question would enable you to discover paths that you would have never discovered by taking a topical approach.

Let me give you an example: Instead of saying 'I would like to learn the basics about digital technologies' (topical approach) and selecting a course accordingly, you could ask 'How can we reinvent humanity in a digital world?' (approach based on a question). That question would lead you to sources which are much more specific and very likely even to adjacent fields like philosophy. It will broaden your horizon and even trigger your creativity to create your own answers to that important question.

What will be your first out-of-the-box question? Give it some thought!

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