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Tip 49: Take a break

'Taking a break can lead to breakthroughs.' Russell Eric Dobda

If you are a little bit like me, there is a risk that you never give yourself a break from learning. Like me, you might have so many interests that there is always the next article, podcast, video or course waiting for you. You constantly have the feeling of not being able to follow up with everything, of never knowing enough.

Out of my own experience, I urge you to take a break on a regular basis. Thinking that you can keep up with everything is an illusion. In this world of readily available resources being published and updated at an incredible speed, you will never be able to feel satisfied with what you know. While you try to follow the illusion of keeping yourself up to date, you will eventually lose yourself.

True development means taking time to step back and to let your brain process all the information that is being pushed to it constantly. If you don't take a vacation, reading a good novel, spending time just thinking about nothing, meditating, meeting with friends and talking about seemingly trivial things, you will overload yourself and you will achieve exactly the opposite of your intention.

What would you do if you did not have access to any new sources of learning and inspiration anymore? What would that feel like?

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