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Tip 48: Take a conscious decision

People's lifes are usually packed with endless tasks. A way to prioritize them and to decide on your action is using the prioritization matrix according of Eisenhower which most of you know:

  • Urgent / Important --> Do

  • Not Urgent / Important --> Plan

  • Urgent / Not Important --> Delegate

  • Not Urgent / Not Important --> Eliminate

The topic of 'learning' often falls into the category of 'Not urgent / Important'. The problem is that items in this category (which truly help you to advance in life) are usually postponed to an undefined time in the future - and never happen - while people spend all their time on urgent (important as well as not important) topics.

I urge you to give learning a high priority which means putting fixed slots into your calendar. Setting yourself rough topical targets for the quarter to come also helps to focus your mind around the targets. Review your activities every 3 months to see how you are advancing. You will be surprised to see how many things automatically fall in place once your mind is programmed in this way.

When will be your next slot for learning?

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