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Tip 46: The power of doing nothing

'Creativity emerges in the face of boredom.'

One thing that a lot of people learn in these days is how to deal with having too much time. It's not that they don't have to work but as almost all leisure activities like meeting friends, going out for a coffee, doing some shopping, are more or less on hold, an empty space occurs. A space that wants to be occupied.

Now, some people fill this void by watching more TV or running endless virtual get-togethers. I challenge you not to do that.

What if …

… you would just sit down on your couch and listen to your heartbeat for a while?

… you sat on your armchair, letting your thoughts wander freely?

… you went for a walk (if you still can) and listened to the birds?

I guarantee you that after a while, you will have ideas that you have never had before. You will create room for creativity and crazy ideas.

When will you start to give boredom a chance?

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