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Tip 45: Become aware of your learning personality style

'Divers and scanner traits combined will ensure your employability in the future.'

There are two types of people: So-called 'diver' and 'scanner' personalities.

'Diver' personalities are those people who love to understand a topic in all detail. They spend hours and hours learning everything that there is to learn about that topic, and they are true experts in their field.

'Scanner' personalities are motivated by learning about as many different topics as possible without going too much into the details. They move quickly between topics and they are able to make connections that are the ground for creating something new.

There are many opinions about what we need more in today's world: Is it the diver who knows more than anyone can quickly find on the internet? Or rather the scanner who is able to quickly switch between different topics in times where knowledge becomes obsolete so fast?

I think that we need both but ideally both in one person: If you identify yourself as being a diver, keep asking yourself which different topics might be connected to what you are currently interested in and force yourself to widen your interests. This will prevent your knowledge and skills from not being needed anymore. If you are a scanner, slow down a bit and go deeper than just looking at the next Wikipedia post. Ask yourself: What more is there to learn about the topic? Like that you will be able to create feasible innovative ideas which are so much needed in our world.

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