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Tip 42: Find your 'moments that matter'

'Start with the end in mind.' Stephen R. Covey

Have you ever struggled with convincing your boss to approve your training? Well, here is a very efficient way how to structure your arguments: It is all about showing your boss that your training is an investment and not an expense!

What are the steps you can follow?

  1. Define which measurable business impact you are planning to achieve for your department with the new skills (e.g. a 5% increase in your turnover).

  2. Explain which specific individual performance improvements you are expecting following your training (e.g. more trustful communication with the customer).

  3. Describe the so-called 'moments that matter', concrete situations in which you can use the newly acquired skills (e.g. during client meetings).

  4. Then talk about the learning objectives (e.g. 'I will know how to identify different customer communication styles and I will practice strategies to cope with them).

It doesn't matter whether you start from the top or the bottom. I think though, if you start from the top, you will immediately catch your boss's attention. Imagine opening the conversation like this: 'Boss, what would you think if I could increase my turnover by 5 %?'

Now, it's up to you: Define the next training you'd like to attend and structure your thoughts in the above-mentioned way before talking to your boss!

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