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Tip 39: Make a transfer plan

Learning transfer is the extent to which the training participant effectively applies the knowledge, skills and attitudes learned within a training context in work life. (T.T. Baldwin & J.K. Ford)

Whether effective learning transfer takes place does not only depend on the learner but also on the training design and the organisation. That means it is a shared responsibility of the learner, the training designer and the boss/peers.

What can you as a learner do to enhance your own probability of learning transfer? Here are some ideas:

  1. Before the training: Reflect on your own motivation why you're attending the training & involve your boss to get his support.

  2. During training: Make sure you feel confident in executing the new skill. If not, ask your trainer to provide more room for practice & feedback.

  3. After training: Teach-back what you have learned to your peers and ask them to support you with feedback or to even join you in trying out the new behaviours.

What is your plan to enhance your learning transfer?

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