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Tip 38: Beware of the consequences of 'no action'

'Taking no decision is taking a decision.'

A powerful tool to motivate yourself and others for learning new skills is asking the question: 'What would happen if I don't change my behaviour'? That means making yourself aware of the consequences of taking 'no action'.

Maintaining the status quo can in fact have more negative effects on your life than jumping into the unknown and trying out something new. As our brain needs quite a lot of energy to build new pathways, though, it will always prefer to stay passive. In most cases that is not the best behaviour.

Before your next learning initiative starts, I recommend you write a list called 'consequences of no action'. Pull it up again at the end of the training and add more items. Then put it at a place in your office where you always see it together with the main action points that you have taken from the training. I guarantee you that it will boost your motivation to take action!

When will you write your first 'no action' list?

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