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Tip 37: Leverage inspirational events

'People and networks are the key to learning.'

One of the easiest and best ways to get inspiration and boost your learning is to attend events and network with like-minded people. I recommend you to make your plan for 2020 now.

You don't have a high budget? My own experience tells me that the price is no indicator for good quality. Most expensive events which I attended were even quite bad. So how to approach this?

1. Ask your (Social Media) network which events they would recommend to you

2. Contact your industry associations and see which events they are sponsoring

3. Search for online events and congresses

4. Go to the kiosk and scan relevant magazines. You'll find advertisements on major events.

5. Search for national networks by using relevant keywords

6. Find local meet-ups. They have tons of free gatherings for every topic you can imagine

When are you going to plan your event calendar for the year?

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