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Tip 36: Test yourself

'Once said is not remembered'

Have you ever wondered why you have read a thousand books and hardly remember anything?

Well, no surprise, you're not alone! Apart from repetition, learning requires active processing. But how to do that?

One way is to test yourself frequently and better sooner than later: If you are reading a book, stop after each chapter and ask yourself 'What have I just read?'. Then answer that question either in your mind or (even better) on a piece of paper. If you don't remember, just quickly scan over the chapter again and ask the question one more time. To make it even more meaningful, ask yourself as well 'And why is that relevant for me? How can I use this information?' In the end of the book, stop again and try to recap all chapters. You can use your notes (if you took any) for support. The last step which will very likely push the information in your long-term memory is to teach-back what you have learned to someone else.

On which book will you try this technique today?

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