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Tip 34: Start small

'If you are trying to teach a child how to swim, you wouldn't start by throwing them into the deep end of the pool.' Prof. Brinkerhoff

The path to establishing new behaviours requires you to let go of old habits as well as to overcome your fear of making mistakes. Trying out new behaviours is always a risky endeavour because there is a high probability of failing in the first attempt. I would even say that the failing part is often necessary to learn.

How do you manage to reduce risks and keep your motivation? Prof. Brinkerhoff calls it the 'Crawl, Walk & Run approach': Start with something easy which fits your current level of competence. Often this is where you absorb new information by watching a video course or observing someone performing the new skill. As a next step, push yourself towards action in a safe space. This means ideally practicing the new skill with someone your trust. As a last step, go out there and try the skill in a real workplace scenario. Each step has to be follow-up by feedback & reflection.

What is the next skill you would like to learn and how would your 'Crawl, Walk, Run approach' look like?

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