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Tip 33: See learning as a journey

'Life is a journey, not a destination.' Ralph Waldo Emerson

The easiest way to become unhappy is postponing happiness to the time when you will have achieved your goal. We all know that the happiness tied to goal achievement only stays a couple of minutes, at best some hours until we set ourselves new goals. This does not only apply to life but also to learning.

Learning is a constant journey. It started when you were born, and it will end when you die. You are constantly evolving as a human being, even if you are not planning to. You cannot not learn. What you can do is to actively shape your learning journey so that it helps you to fulfil your dreams. As dreams also change throughout life, you have to reflect & adjust your path all the time.

What is most crucial during this journey is to stop comparing yourself to other people. Start comparing yourself only to a younger version of yourself. Compared to that younger version, where are you today? Take time to reflect on that and don't be too harsh on yourself. Sometimes, the little nuances in self-development are the ones that matter most when you look back on your life.

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