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Tip 32: Stick to inspirational teachers

'The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.' William Arthur Ward

A crucial component for building your own learning ecosystem is making wise choices when it comes to picking your 'teachers'. Many people struggle with that because they are blinded by the shiny self-marketing of some trainers and speakers…

But there is hope. I have a very simple tip for you: Listen to your gut feeling! Talk to that person, watch their videos, read their books and ask yourself: Is that person touching you on a deeper level? Is he or she truly able to inspire you?

Many people can tell you how things should be done, and what the best methods and tools are. They can demonstrate new skills so that you learn by watching and mirroring them. But very few people can touch you on a deeper level. They will be the ones making a difference in your lifes. They are not the ones always making learning easy because they will for sure challenge your thinking.

That's what inspiration is about: To look beyond your own little world. When was the last time you met someone truly inspiring?

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