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Tip 28: Playing brain games

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to learn lots of information by heart in a short time and other people don't? It’s simple: Most of these people know strategies to make better use of their brain based on neuroscientific findings. One of the easiest strategies is the body memory technique. 


Let's look at an example: You want to recall the 12 ingredients of a meal. Draw a human body on a piece of paper and write the ingredients next to the specific body parts, e.g. the word 'spaghetti' above the head while thinking of a picture of a big bowl of spaghetti, tomatoes on your forefront with a picture of tomatoes etc. You can even do this with more abstract concepts. After you have placed all words on the body, read the first four and then the second four by saying them out loud and imagining the picture, also using your hands to recap where you placed them. Once you have done two complete repetitions from top down, do two from bottom up. After that, repeat without the help of the paper. You will be able to recall the information even days after. 

What do you want to learn by heart? Choose one topic now and start the experiment!

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