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Tip 26: Choose your learning approach

'The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as long as we live.' Mortimer Adler 

There are two different approaches to lifelong learning: Long-term & short-term learning. Long-term learning will help you jumping from one milestone to the next, e.g. starting a new job once in a while. This approach entails building up your skills in a structured way by defining a clear goal with sub goals, deriving an action plan including learning methods that are mainly part of the 10 % (formal learning) and the 20% (learning from others) and constantly checking in on your progress. 

A short-term learning approach is a continuous journey from one challenge to the next e.g. finding the solution to something you are working on. This type of strategy requires you to ask the right questions to the right people (20%), platforms & sources (70%) to get an immediate answer. Use what you have at hand - which is quite a lot in times of unlimited information & digital learning opportunities and leverage this to never stop learning. 

What is your learning approach? Any of the above or what else?

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