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Tip 24: Get immersed in experience

'The only source of knowledge is experience.' Albert Einstein 

During my trainer certification I learned about the important role of learning by experience. I realized that it is best to start a learning process without much prior briefing by giving myself the chance to immerse myself in the experience first and to do the cognitive thinking afterwards. 

Imagine trying to learn something new like 'Coaching'. Instead of pushing a lot of theory into your brain and then putting that into practice, try it the other way around: Just read a tiny little bit (e.g. one article on the top tips of coaching), then engage in a coaching conversation with someone you trust. Afterwards, ask the person how he felt and engage in deep reflection on what was good and what you could do better. This is the moment when you cam also consult an expert, more literature or videos on the topic. 

The difference to 'first learning, then applying' is that you immediately have a point of reference, a kind of anker for your brain which helps to gain a much deeper understanding of what you are learning.   

When will you try out 'experience-first' learning?

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