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Tip 16: Leverage the power of podcasts

'Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.' Bernard M. Baruch

We all have a lot of great people around us but let's be honest: We often fall short of like-minded people who share what we are passionate about. Listening to podcasts from inspiring people has been one of the main steps to boost my own learning. I cannot think of a better way to fit a daily inspiration routine into my busy schedule. 

In the morning, while preparing for the day, I listen to podcasts about personal development. It helps to start the day in a motivated way. When being in the car, I focus on podcasts about the future of learning. In the evening, I use it for my meditation practice. Podcasts have inspired me so much that I started my own with the first interview to be published this week. 

With which podcast are you going to start tomorrow?

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