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Tip 13: Stop training & start learning

'Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.' Benjamin Franklin

I'm a passionate learner. I can't stop attending tons of trainings, reading books & doing online courses. But the question is: Is this really learning?

Learning is not equal to training. True learning starts when you apply the acquired knowledge. It makes sense to learn something new just in the moment when you need the skill. If 'just-in-time' learning is not possible, you have various options: You can either engage in spaced repetition by repeating new knowledge bits in intervalls to fight the forgetting curve. Or you can teach what you have learned to someone else. So-called 'teach-backs' are powerful in processing your new knowledge and pushing it into your long-term memory.  

What about you? Do you always apply what you have learned?

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