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Tip 73: See the opportunity that lies in the pandemic

'Each challenge bears a chance.'

The pandemic has changed the way how we live, love and work.

Social encounters have been reduced and partly moved to virtual spaces. This gave people the possibility to stay in contact with their loved ones and to keep their job. At the same time, digital learning has received a big push. Trainers who previously couldn't image moderating deep group exchanges in virtual settings have jumped on the opportunity and have trained themselves in virtual tools and didactics.

Though learning in the physical space will never go away, many learners have started to appreciate the advantages that digital learning opportunities bring to their own path of growth: Availability 24/7, different media to cater different learner's needs, personalization, learning in small chunks and at one’s own pace, no travel time etc. - to name just some advantages. Companies have also taken up the trend and finally - after many years of inertia - really made an effort to enrich their learning offerings by digital learning opportunities.

Look at your own surroundings and ask yourself: What is your company offering? What can you do to make the most out of it? What are the things that you learn even better digitally than in the physical space? And where is physical contact in your learning context still really important?

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