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Tip 60: Find yourself a coach

'Most of the solutions are already within yourself. You just have to know how to lift them.'

How much money do you usually spend a month on going to the hairdresser? On having dinner with friends? For the latest tech gadgets? For your holidays? I guess most of you spend quite some Euros per year on leisure-time activities, beauty and the likes.

At the same time, getting a coach to support you in your own personal development might seem like a luxury to a lot of people. You might think that you don't need that or that your best friends can take over that role. Yet, there is so much more potential in having an independent person asking the right questions and helping you to find your path to growth instead of imposing solutions onto you (like what most well-meaning friends would do).

I ask you to try it out. Even if you do it only once or twice. I guarantee that even a few sessions will broaden your mind and point you towards the deeper lying development areas in your life.

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