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Tip 47: Beautify your learning zone

'You learn much better in a nice and inspiring atmosphere'.

Have you ever participated in a training that took place in a dark and grey meeting room? How was your attitude towards the training and how long did it take you to open yourself up towards new insights?

I'm deeply convinced that the place where you learn has an impact on your learning attitude and thus on the learning outcomes. Humans are very visual beings. One of the easiest and most promising mnemotechniques is for example to tie imaginary pictures to words while learning them by heart.

While doing my trainer certification at The People Network, every module took place in a very different location: A hotel next to a lake, a loft in the city, a mountain retreat, a Dutch villa on the countryside. I still remember exactly the content from each module when I think about the location where it took place.

What does that mean for your own learning? Create your learning zone in a conscious way. For self learning, learn in a place that will be memorable in some way. It should at least be a place in your apartment which is nicely set up. If you are organizing training, make sure that the location is special and well selected. It doesn't need to be luxurious. It's more about the feeling and the atmosphere than the luxury.

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