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Tip 18: Concentrate on what is relevant

'The end of the journey isn’t knowing more, it’s doing more'. Julie Dirksen


It is amazing how many hours I already spent on learning things that I never came to use. This is because I am an intrinsically motivated learner - someone who loves learning for the sake of learning. 

Was it worth the time? Yes, in my case, because it made me feel good. In a world, though, in which knowledge is outdated in no time, it makes more sense to learn only what is immediately relevant to the task at hand (unless you are qualifying for a new job). 

Start to learn only those functions of a new tool which you need instead of taking a full course & forgetting 80% within 24 hours. Youtube & LinkedIn Learning with their short video tutorials are great sources for just-in-time learning. 

How can you become better at concentrating on what is relevant?

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